Roames enabled applications allow you to virtually interact and work on your infrastructure.

These apps differ from our industry service solutions by providing functionality including desk-top inspection, vegetation management, network design and much more.

Applications - Roames World

Virtually interact and work on your infrastructure within the 3D virtual world

Applications form part of our web portal, Roames World and Analytics suite. We consistently incorporate new applications. Most recently, network design was added, enabling you to design your network infrastructure in Roames World.

Application Features

As an open platform through its web services, Roames will support client applications including analysis, simulation and operational tools.

Web Portal – provides online access to Roames World, visualisation and analytics libraries through a web browser or mobile device.

Roames World – a true 3D real world environment, enabling the visualisation of complex meshes, view real-time operating status and run dynamic simulation.

Visualisation Library – a series of visualisation layers providing representations of natural environment with its infrastructure and status in Roames World.

Analytics Library – views of assets, risks, conditions and more. All calculated from 3D model combined with client-specific information and business rules.

Cyber Security – secure cloud environment accredited to ISO 27001 the benchmark standard approved for use by US Federal Government and European Agencies.

Applications - Roames Portal

Services provided through secure cloud environment


These apps provide desk-top inspection, vegetation management, network design, and much more.

 The Roames Advantage

Data security best practice is guaranteed.

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