Transmission Network Virtual World Asset Management

What if a world existed where an asset manager had a complete picture of network risk and
compliance across the entire network, where they could complete inspections, assess asset condition,
perform monitoring and explore the impacts of policy changes through simulations virtually before
committing in the real world?

How could this change the way in which assets are managed?


Thermal Modelling on distribution networks

PowerTech 2015 - Two approaches for modelling the impact of ambient conditions on powerlines have been developed and recognised as international standards. This paper will show the advantages and disadvantages in the respective IEEE and CIGRE approaches and explore the value opportunity of applying a hybrid thermal analysis model to distribution networks exposing new methods of improving asset management practices.


3D Visualisation Technologies in Asset Management

Google Earth provides a free and easy-to-use platform for small-scale surveying and placement of virtual infrastructure for customer and quality assurance viewing purposes. Due to its design for small scale object presentation, however, significant distortions of geometries occur. This paper investigates the challenges of maintaining spatial accuracy when utilising standard Collada geometries to render objects across large distances for asset inspection purposes.