Asset Condition

Roames’ asset condition and defect assessment service reduces the risk and the cost of ongoing ground inspections programs.

This enables you to verify the integrity of network assets (such as poles) and related sub-components (including cross-arms and insulators and attached equipment such as transformers) to drive maintenance prioritisation to meet safety, risk and regulatory compliance stand


Asset analysis

Our experienced, qualified line inspectors analyse and categorise any defects identified, providing reports on asset defects and priorities for maintenance.  Cracks on insulators and insulator ties are clearly visible and picked up in defect assessment provided.


Eliminate thousands of kilometres of annual ground travel in asset inspection.


The analysis is tailored to the utilities’ requirements for defect classification and reporting. This is the largest service of its type world-wide, servicing several hundred thousand poles each year.

Service area showing asset conditon

Service area showing asset conditon

The Roames Advantage

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