Network Model

Roames provides a precise and reliable real-world representation of subsea assets  in an interactive environment, enriched with all properties and structural details.

Network Model

Roames network model provides a holistic overview of assets in an interactive photo quality 3D environment, enriched with real geometric and physics properties. Information including, historical inline, geophysical and geotechnical are integrated to provide time-based models of subsea assets and bathymetry.  Full visibility of how assets are changing over time is provided with highlights anomalies and provides better understand of asset condition. 

The high fidelity network model provides analysis, simulations and analytics that can be used for asset inspection, identification, condition assessment and remediation planning.

AUV - freespan

Survey inspection data is transferred into Roames where it is processed, modelled and displayed. Roames automatically identifies and abstracts man-made features such as wellheads, subsea production facilities and pipelines from the underlying seabed topography, creating a series of overlays.  Roames is data agnostic, supporting information from any source, including proprietary acquisition platforms and sensor configurations.

The Roames platform highlights maintenance anomalies and action points to ensure asset integrity and smooth operation of the subsea infrastructure.

The Roames Advantage


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