Roames allows you to remotely investigate and monitor the condition and performance of your network to optimise investment and maintenance programmes.

The integrity of subsea infrastructure, environmental condition and compliance with legislation are critical concerns for oil and gas operators.

Infrastructure Integrity

Annual or periodic inspections of offshore assets are conducted to ensure these concerns are addressed and actions taken, whether it is to prolong asset life or maintain operating function. Infrequent field visits and distinct measurements are a bottleneck to efficient and cost-effective asset management.


Until now, there has been no realistic method to interpolate asset state between surveys and reliably predict future asset and environment changes.


Over the last 50 years, the oil and gas industry has greatly improved safety and the ability to mitigate results of asset failures. However, we have not improved as much in removing the failures.

Fugro Roames introduces a new asset management concept combining best in class elements:




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