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3D simulation of real world environments to monitor your network’s condition and optimise performance.

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Improve power transmission and distribution through better infrastructure management. Network-wide condition assessment and accurate asset intelligence are fundamental to asset management. Achieve informed decision-making, better risk management, and optimal use of available resources.

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A proven onshore technology is now available for offshore infrastructure. Establish a precision model of subsea assets and their surrounding environment complete with operating and survey information. Achieve operating efficiencies, improved safety, and optimal use of available capital.

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1 May 2017

Offshore Technology Conference 2017

Roames will take this opportunity to show innovative developments with a sharper-than-ever focus on efficiency and cost saving solutions.

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Case Studies

Scottish Power

Proving the Business Benefits to Vegetation Management and ESQCR

Ergon Energy

A Paradigm Shift for Assets, Environment & Disaster Management


"ESB Networks are looking to improve network resilience and performance through virtual world asset management - a new technology beyond our traditional data delivery."ESB Networks
Kevin O'Connor - T&D Overhead Lines Asset Management At ESB Networks

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